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24 May 2012 @ 12:07
Just here to say hello, long time no see, and if dearthursay friends you, it's me. I miss you guys a lot, and every time I'm with littlemrstom, I end up all nostalgic when she goes through her flist. I don't use this account at all anymore (last time I logged on was 6 months ago, I think) and while I don't use DT much either, I'm itching to start.
19 November 2011 @ 02:41
Hi flist, it's been, what, a year since last time? Cheesus, time flies.

I just wanted to pop by and see how things were going; I miss being active in the TH fandom, ack, I miss you guys. How are you? 
29 September 2010 @ 23:24
The fandom have been very down lately. Maybe it's something in the water, or a bug, but I hope that a little cheering up could work. It's been a while since we had one of these, so... hopefully this will at least make one of you smile.


♣ Comment with your name here. 
♣ People can comment with a little love, just a little something they like about you, cherish about you and make that person smile. I know, tacky and all that. Screw it.
♣ Use the code to pimp it in your own journal. Remember to add your own tread URL.
♣ Stay friendly, or else I'll personally kick your ass. 
♣ This entry is public, so no need to be friends with me to see it. 

Pimping code

This list is under construction and is far from finished. 

This is (or will be) a complete masterlist of all the offerings in the "OFFERING WORDS" post here, sorted by fandoms. 

I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes here. For example, I'm far from familar with every single fandom out there, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've mispelled one or five and taken one for two different, etc. Also, remember to read the offer comment properly before you bid, because there might be additional details (i.e. gen only, not that pairing, will only write said pairing in a crossover etc.). 

Please let me know if I've made a mistake, with a link to your offer and details of the mistake, and I'll be happy to fix it up as quickly as possible!

★ Word Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms A-D
★ Word Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms E-J
★ Word Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms K-O
★ Word Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms P-S
★ Word Post Auction Masterlist: Fandoms T-Z